Can you just STOP for a moment…?

What are you running from?

Do you really think you can outrun your past?

Do you really think you can outrun your heartache??

Do you really think you can outrun your true self???

Why would you want to run away from these things? You need to STOP!! FEEL it all, identify it, and through feeling it you will understand that everything you have gone through has been for a reason…it has all been in preparation for the things you manifested. Yes maybe you don’t even know or remember that you asked for this, but you did…you wanted to be in love, to be happy, wealthy, and successful and whatever else you asked for…

We as humans were never born to suffer…we suffer because we fight the truth…we fight the inevitable…we go against nature and we force things that are not really meant to be.  We cause so much heartache and pain because we want to be in control…

We are creatures of habit and we like things to be static and predictable…we feel comfortable in knowing what is going to happen next, and as a result we try and control what will happen, how it will happen and when it will happen…and so it does! Well for a while anyway, until the universe decides that we have played boss for long enough, then it takes control and we are left feeling like failures, like we have no control, like we are out of balance…call it whatever you like, it has many names…midlife crisis, menopause, just to mention a few.

So what is this true self?

This is you…stripped down, naked and with no protection and nothing to hide behind…just raw, true authentic you…without your money, your success, your accomplishments, your failures and all the other things that people choose to hind behind…this is you when no one else sees you, when you are alone and vulnerable and you cannot lie to yourself like you do to others…with all your faults and flaws staring you in the face.

So tell me…is this the life you imagined you would have? What compromises did you make along the way? How much of your soul did you have to sell for this life?  Tell me…have you figured out what the true cost of this life is?

Stand still and ask yourself…right now, right this minute…WHAT DO YOU WANT??

Is it something that you can have? Or should I ask you…how badly do you want it?

Will it cause pain and heartache to others? Probably, but what is more important to you right now? Is it your happiness or the lies that you console yourself with every day? Would it mean changing your lifestyle to adapt to what you really want? Will it mean having to give up a life that no longer serves you or makes you happy?  Will it mean that you will be causing an upheaval??? Well good for you then, because nothing that is worth it ever comes easy…but how desperately do you want the life you yearn for??

YOU and only you can be true to yourself…no other person on the face of this earth is responsible for your happiness or your contentment…you alone carry that job title and also the disappointment if you examine yourself and find yourself wanting…

Perhaps you are happy with your life and just need to change the way you look at things, or perhaps you need to learn to appreciate what you have…I don’t really care for that…what I want to know is…ARE YOU TRUE TO YOURSELF?

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